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Hi, learn about Hostomo 👋

Hostomo Was started to make the world of web hosting awesome. It was just started in Q1 of Hostomo. Its main objective is to create space for everyone on the web.

Finally Fully launched on 21-05-2023

First beta version was rolled out for the public.

Team Hostomo was setuped and the work behind the scene was started.

During the lockdown, the idea hostomo was born


Story Behind Hostomo

Hostomo is built by a team of two youngsters with the idea of providing web hosting and web development services for free so that every common people can have their own website.

We wanted to make it so good that everything can be handled with a single click with a beautiful UI. We wanted to provide something that no company has provided to date and that too for free.

We are trying to serve the best service to our happy users.We hope we will be successful in our mission and that will happen only with your support


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