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Hi, 👋 Create Your First Site with Hostomo

Creating a site with hostomo is very simple. Your can can create site with hostomo just in 5 simple steps.


Step 1 Setting Up Your Account

First Log in if you are an existing user and if now please sign up

You can either use E-Mail and password or simply use a one-click Sign up using Google

Go through the site to get the Overview of Hostomo. About its features, developers, lovely interface and rest the things.


Story Behind Hostomo

After creation of your account you will be redirected to the dashboard.

Click on the add a website button on the widget.

You will be redirected to site creation page. Just Click on Create now


Step 3 Adding Domain or SubDomain

Next step is important. You need to add a domain or a subdomain. By which your site will be accessible.

Domain is the name of your site from which it can be accessible(Eg- If you have a already domain press on connect now. But don't forgets to update the nameserver (,

If you don't have a domain don't worry choose on subdomain. and search your subdomain name and choose any subdomain and click on Create Now.


Step 4 Setting Website Password

After connecting your site with pre-exist domain or creating New SubDomain.

You Need to add you website Password, it is required for cpanel login, ftp account and other services. You can change the password in future.

Your username will automatically generate. Just click on Create Now.


Step 5 Finish Setting Up Your Site

First Log in if you are an existing user and if now please sign up

Boom Your Website have been created. Remmember it may take upto 72 hours for your website to available all over the web

Still confused? what to do next you can use web builder or you can set cms like Wordpress, Joomla etc or you can upload your scripts or static Pages.

Relaxe! it was as simple as that to set up your website feel free to contact us.


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